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A new Semester and some News!

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A new Semester and some News!
by Terry LeBlanc - Monday, 8 January 2018, 7:59 AM
Welcome to the WINTER/SPRING semester!  I do hope that you had a great and enjoyable Christmas celebration and entry into 2018!

In the coming months, there will be a number of exciting changes on the NAIITS scene that will bring benefit to you as students and faculty - as well as our regular events. Of particular importance are two things that will have a huge impact on our work in education:

First, on February 20th NAIITS will receive a review by ATS for its application to become an accredited associate. This is huge for us in that it places our work in a unique context - one that no other Indigenous originated and led graduate program representing the theological traditions that we do currently enjoys.  Please pray for the day and its various meetings some of which you may be asked to participate in.

The second major announcement is the appointment of Gene Green as our Academic Dean effective July 1 this year.  Gene comes to us from Wheaton College via extensive experience in theological education in Latin America and, over the past ten years, with NAIITS. We are super excited and look forward to what Gene will bring to our work. See the full announcement on the NAIITS website front page.

And, of course, our 15th symposium is coming right up June 7-9. The topic is a challenging one - examining the issue of White Supremacy - but it is a long-overdue and needful area of focus for our work. Please check out the NAIITS site for further details.

Well, it leaves only my prayers for a great semester for you.  May it be a blessing.

Terry LeBlanc
Director, NAIITS

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