Courses before, during and following the symposium 2017

Both MLDR 561 and MLDR 562 are offered for the purpose of specialized learning opportunities during the annual NAIITS Symposium. If you have already taken either 561 or 562 please register for the one you have not taken. The Symposium exposes students to ideas and experiences outside their normal environment. The co-learner will attend the NAIITS Symposium and read the materials listed by the instructor and complete assignments.

The center of Christian theology is Jesus Christ who unites Creator and creation. Therefore, this course will focus on the scriptural and ecclesiastical traditions concerning the person and work of Christ in transforming creation. This will provide the basis for a discussion about the implication of Christology for the transformation of creation community. Thus, the course will seek to engage the ideas represented by the councils, creeds of past theologians, and then move to examine the theological praxis that resulted in a colonial and post-colonial context.

This course immerses collaborative learners (aka co-learners, aka students) in the natural world during a 4-day Face to Face (F2F) experience.  There will be some online work prior to and after the F2F.  Co-learners will abide in Creation and experience the beauty and hope of our immanent God.  We will consider Native American understandings of the land and the relationship between science and faith.  We will engage current issues such as agricultural practices, ecological systems, land use and consumption of natural resources and our relationship to all things.  We will gain an understanding of the complimentary Native American/Hebrew constructs of shalom/Harmony Way, which includes interconnectedness, sense of place, justice, and Creator’s blessing through the fecundity of the land.